Our Story

With the help of generous supporters who are passionate about helping kids, A New Chance Foundation has been able to fulfill its mission of enabling children who have disabilities to live more independent lives by increasing mobility, creating access at home, and by improving activities of daily living. 

Ashley and Beth started the foundation after being inspired by a local family -- the Akers. In 2006-2007 Beth Chance, then known as Beth Chapman, was a first grade teacher at Hopewell Elementary in the Lakota Local School District. She had a student in her class, Brooke Akers, who had Type II Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) and was confined to an automatic wheelchair.

Brooke lived in a bi-level home, where the multiple floors made it extremely difficult to use her wheelchair. She had to be carried from room to room, and up multiple sets of stairs. Her 3-year-old sister also had the disease and was also confined to a wheelchair.

Beth, with assistance from some other teachers, decided to submit an application to Extreme Makeover Home Edition on behalf of the Akers Family. In advance of hearing whether their application was going to be accepted from the show, Beth and her team started raising money on their own by hosting fundraisers and spreading the word about the family throughout the Cincinnati area.

Ashley Chance saw the story about Beth and the Akers in the local paper and was motivated to help personally. As fate would have it, the two fell in love and were married.

During the summer of 2008, the dream came true when Ty Pennington and the Extreme Makeover Home Edition team built the Akers a new house.

Following the show, Ashley and Beth Chance decided to continue helping families and children, and they formalized their efforts into A New Chance Foundation.

Board of Directors

Our work is the passion of our volunteers.  The following individuals give their time and talents to help children in the Cincinnati and surrounding area.  Thank you for bringing joy. 

A New Chance Foundation Board of Directors
Founder:  Beth Chance 
Co-Founder:  Ashley Chance

Advisory Board
Victor Kidd
Larry Plum
Joe Clark
Kevin Carp
Sandra Combs
Donnie Osborne