Helping Children Live More Independent Lives

The Little Things

What greater joy can you think of than the smile on a child’s face as they run out the door to play or go to school or jump on a swing?  Unfortunately, not every child can experience that unbridled freedom. That’s where A New Chance Foundation comes in.  

Since 2008, A New Chance Foundation has been helping children who have disabilities live more independent lives by providing them with much-needed mobility equipment, minor home modifications, and therapies that are not covered by insurance. 

Some of the children who have received resources from A New Chance Foundation include:

  • A 15-year-old who was paralyzed in an accident received an incumbent bike that gives him the ability to have physical therapy at home

  • A 10-year-old with spina bifida received a special bed that prevents
    him from falling out of bed or rolling onto his back, which can cause him injury

  • A 3-year-old with a motor skill disorder who received a multi-adjustable
    chair that allows her to play safely and sit upright

These seemingly small pieces of equipment are life changing. What greater joy can you think of than to provide this for a child?

 “What stands out most about this family is how they cope with so very much with such scarce resources. Finding A New Chance Foundation feels like the first glimmer of hope this family has seen in a very long time.”

                                  -Therapist working with 10-year-old boy who has spina bifida